“What shall we do tonight?”

Seriously, how many times have you heard this question?
We had enough of hearing it, so we built a website to answer.

Each major city offers hundreds or thousands of things to do every single night of the year. Despite of that – or due to that – it’s often tough to pick the right venue, the hot event or the romantic restaurant you are looking for.

We all know there’s nothing worse than going to a boring party or having to say on a first date: “I’m soooo sorry, on the guide they say it’s a romantic cafè and there’s no mention to the heavy metal live band…”

Tonight.eu (formerly known as MilanoTonight.it) is our answer to these common problems: we started working on a solution in the 2000 and in the following years we developed – step by step – our very own mix of technology, business model, vision and know how with the ambitious goal of becoming nothing less than the best existing nightlife website.

We have a very clear vision of the direction we want the project to follow, and we work hard without ever losing the contact with our values. We strongly believe in the power of collective intelligence: the more people use the website, the more and better the contents will be for all of us.

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The project is 100% made in Italy, but we see many opportunities in foreign countries, both in western and eastern Europe. In 2007 we crossed the borders by switching the domain from “milanotonight.it” to “tonight.eu”, gaining wider audience and many more potential cities, users and customers.

We decided to open our network and business to third parties by inviting them to create their “Cities Tonight”: we’re launching the new partnership program that allows to have access to our technologies, brand, business model and know-how. More information will be soon publlished under the “Create your city Tonight” menu.