by Federico on 16.04.2009 | 1 comments

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  • 2) Corporations should not eangge is shaping social policy. If a cereal manufacturer is in business to sell corn flakes, that is what it should be doing. It should stop trying to say what is right and what is not right. It should focus more on it’s cereal manufacturing, perhaps get rid of the .02% of whatever percent of rodent feces that is permissible in cereal by law. This government is run by 3 branches; executive, legislative and judiciary. Policy is changing toward marijuana use. Corporations should not inject themselves as a psuedo-government influence to shape and control public attitude. For either reason above, or if anyone has their own or another reason, and even for no reason at all except that it is just something that a person wants to do, I ask that any corporation or sponsor that pulls an endorsement for Michael Phelps be boycotted. And, let’s talk about that rat feces and insect parts in the cereal too.


    by Kamil on August 22, 2015

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