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by Federico on 26.02.2009 | 0 comments

After months of development, in the very next days the new version of Tonight.eu will be launched and there’s a strong mix of excitement and fear around our offices.

Together with the brand new website, we’re also opening this blog and I’ll use the first traditional “hello world” post to write a few words about the blog itself.

What are we going to write on these pages?

We’ll obviously blog a lot about Tonight.eu. The topics will range from serious to easy ones: expect announcements about new features and business analysis as well as funny episodes (many crazy things happen with thousands of users…). Sometimes we’ll also write some techie stuff for the geeks out there, but I promise you this won’t be just another boring blog of press releases: we genuinely care about your opinion and we’ll listen and answer to every kind person who’ll want to talk with us.

There will be talks about the web industry: even if we’re a tiny company, we often have the opportunity to talk with bigger players and we like to listen to you our thoughts.  It’s tough to be an ”Open Company”: sharing ideas might sound dangerous in such a competitive market, but in our opinion the pros outvalue the risks and a conversation with a wide audience leads to great benefits for all the parties and hopefully will help us developing better services, business and partnerships.

Why in english?

We’re an italian company, based in Milan and most of our users are currently italians… but we’re working hard to expand abroad and that’s why we will mostly blog in english. But (that’s for our fellow italians) don’t be scared: we will adapt to the circumstances and reply in other languages according to the topic, the audience of each post and the needs that will raise day by day.
[BTW don't expect perfect british prose: we're still italian after all... :) ]

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